Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Gallery Wall

First of all - I am officially back to blogging.  I realize that it has been almost an entire year since my last post,  but I have missed my little blog, and, hopefully, some of you have missed reading this blog and seeing some of my projects and such!  

That being said, I think that Matt has perhaps opened Pandora's box!  For years and years he has been saying to me - go ahead and decorate the house however you want, spend whatever you want on projects, go have some fun at Hobby Lobby, etc. etc.  I know - I am a pretty lucky girl!  However, I have never really felt up to the task.  Probably in response to my perfectionist tendancies (LOL) I have been a little gunshy to tackle some bigger decorating challenges.

Alas, with the advent of Pinterest, Matt has again taken up the call of "why save all of these projects and ideas if you are not going to do any of them?"  A good question, I suppose . . . .

A gallery wall . . . . .

They are all over Pinterest and I have always like them.  I decided to take some inspiration from the plethora of examples online, but decided on shelves, instead of putting a whole bunch of holes in the wall.  

Sorry about the bright spot at the top of the pic - probably a bad time to snap a picture with the sun shining through :/

The following pics are some of the pieces that I made up into JPEGS, then just printed at Walmart and framed


Bonnie said...

Megan, Those children of yours are possibly the cutest children ever!!! Love your gallery wall. Times flies and what a great thing to have to remind you of the good times.

Christine said...

Love the gallery wall!
Love the pictures and wall art!
Love that you're blogging again!
Love you all!

Emma said...

Wait...what is this? A blog post? From Megan??...Shut the front door!

Ok seriously though, LOVE the shelves...they look great, all coordinated and pretty! Awesome!

An Bảo said...