Friday, May 4, 2012

Let's get organized!

Meet my Home Management System :)  It is quite complex and uses lots of specialty products :p to wrangle the mountains of papers and receipts and 'stuff' that accumulates on my kitchen counters.  First the base is a red rubbermaid dish drying wrack from Walmart and I was delighted to learn that the cute little file folders from the office section of the store (and I might add cheap - 3 folders for $1) just stand right at attention just like your dinner plates!  With a little notebook for quick phone messages or something that needs to be remembered and some pencils and pens in the silverware holder the Home Management System is complete and ready to bring a little smile to my face every time I walk down the stairs in the morning and see my neatly organized papers and coupons, phones lists, and such :)

My folders are labeled

  • receipts
  • rewards programs & coupons
  • weekly recipes & groceries
  • FHE & scripture study
  • Cleaning & home maintenance
  • Contacts
  • Schedules and calendars
  • Errands & to do's
  • Dining out menus and coupons
  • Summer Activities
  • Kids
  • Misc/Other