Saturday, May 25, 2013

A garden tour

I never thought that I was a very good gardener.  Sure I am married to a former landscaper, but I have traditionally pretty much killed any plant that came into my possession within the first few days!  However, I am really wanted to be a good gardener, both for flowers and veggies.  Last year our gardening experience was HORRIBLE!!!!  Too many plants in too much space and it was several miles away on property that we were notable to use any pest deterents on :(  This year we have taken a completely different approach.  Our back porch is surround by a built in raised box screaming at me for something to be planted in it.  So we decided to put in some veggies around the back patio and lots of flowers around the yard in containers.  Here is a peak (I will take more pics later in the summer when, hopefully, everything has grown up a bit)

I think that this one might be my favorite flower pot - I have always loved purple and white flowers so I think these looked great.  The stick in the middle is a tiki torch.

These two baskets are hanging along our back fence.  It really brightens up the space to have some bright colors in unexpected places :)

  Onto the veggies - some garden fresh broccoli

Hailey's personal favorite - cucumbers

A big sandwich tomato plant - can hardly wait for some BLT sandwiches with some tomatoes from this one!

And no home garden would be complete with a cherry tomato plant (even with a little fertilizer burn on a few leaves)

2 zucchini plants - I definitely have some boys looking forward to zucchini bread

2 bell pepper plants

This one is a bit of an experiment - a strawberry tower!

And my wonderful basil plant - just yesterday I picked a whole bunch of leaves from this plant and had a mid afternoon snack of mozzarella cheese cubes, cherry tomatoes, and some fresh basil

This little porch basket is around the front yard.  I am hoping the flowers will fill the space, but it is a very small basket in some very warm sunlight so I will keep my fingers crossed for this one

These baskets are also in the front yard.  The pansies always remind me of walking around Temple Square in the spring when all of the gardeners are scurry all around planting thousands of these little beauties :)

So welcome to my garden!  I am looking forward to lots of BBQs and fun times this summer and I will certainly fess up to my blog readers if I end up killing all of the plants :/  For now we will enjoy them and keep nursing them along


Christine said...

Looks great. Water and fertilizer. Sing to them. They'll be beautiful

Emma said...

nice! Looks great. Don't sing to them...that's wierd.

David Oliver said...

Just surfing and came across your blog. I don't think I can read it again because it is making me want to plant something.

Hope you the best!

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